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Dan Pope is the first American Meteorological Society Certified Broadcast Meteorologist in the State of Utah.  With over 30 years of experience in meteorology consultation, forensic meteorology, weather forecasting, court deposition and court testimony, Mr. Pope has an understanding in all facets of weather research and consultation.  Mr. Pope has been the Associate Director of the Utah Center for Climate and Weather since 2002 and was appointed to be the Director of the UCCW in 2016, http://UtahWeather.org.

Professional Organizations and Recognitions

  • Certified Broadcast Meteorologist American Meteorological Society #187
  • Director Utah Center for Climate and Weather
  • Television Seal of Approval American Meteorological Society #496
  • Co-Author,“Utah’s Weather & Climate” 1996
  • Meteorology 101 Instructor for The Salt Lake Community College
  • Member American Meteorological Society
  • President Weathercast, Inc, COBI

Industry Experience

1992 to the Present

Mr. Pope has been consulting with multiple clients related to weather forensics, weather forecasting in television and radio as well as for private companies and individuals.  He has researched historical weather information for court cases, depositions and court testimony as well as for insurance related investigations. Presently, he is the owner and operator of “Weatherman on Demand”.


Mr. Pope consulted with clients related to weather forecasting in television and radio as well as for private companies related to investigation for insurance and attorney related weather forensics.  He specialized in working with over 50 clients related to the snowplow and nursery industry.   


Mr. Pope worked as an On Camera Meteorologist for the National Cable outlet, The Weather Channel.  He learned severe weather foresting and Hurricane forecasting under the late Hurricane expert John Hope.  Mr. Pope helped forecast the tracks of Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Gilbert as both reeked devastation on the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. 


Mr. Pope worked for WeatherBank, Inc as an operational Meteorologist and forecaster for private and individual organizations as well as for television and radio broadcasts throughout the Western United States.  He forecasted for large companies including Utah Power & Light (Rocky Mountain Power), Questar Gas and for Zion National Park, providing timely Flash Flood outlooks during the severe weather season. 


Mr. Pope worked as Synoptic Meteorology assistant at the University of Utah’s Meteorology Department forecast lab from 1977 to 1978 and again from 1980 through 1984 and was eventually promoted to Director of the Synoptic Meteorology Lab in 1982 through 1984–while he attended and graduated as a Meteorologist with a BS degree from the University of Utah.

Decades Of Television Experience

Consulting History Since 2010

February 2020
Longoria v.Swift et. al.
Eric S. Olson
Eisenberg Cutt, Kendell, Olson
May 2019
Soto V. D&J Grading, et. al.
Ron Kramer Law
June 2018
Toneta Holmes vs. ARKC Adventures, Inc. d/b/a Lani’s Shave Ice
David A. Cutt
Eisenberg Gilcrist & Cutt
October 2017
Mecham vs. Ferguson Enterprises, et al
Kristy Larsen
Ray Quinney & Nebeker P.C.
June 2017
Alvarado vs. Cornerstone
Eric Olson
Eisenberg Gilcrist & Cutt
June 2015
Suzanne Johnson V Woodbury
Samuel S. McHenry, PC, Attorney at Law
Ongoing weather consultation
September 2014
Gregory J. Sanders-Kipp & Christian P.C.
Facer v. Artwork Exterior, et al.- Weather consultation, official letter written
August 2014
Nicholas E. Dudoich-Strong & Hanni, Glenwood Cemetary adv. Cheney
Weather consultation, official letter written. Testimony provided in 3rd District Court October 29, 2015
August 2014
State Farm Adv. Crawley-Robyn Dotterer, CP Strong & Hanni
Weather consultation
July 2014
Kolb V. Bristow
Jeff M. Sbiah
Weather consultation, official letter written
June 2012
Rayorun V. BSA and UNPC
Ron J. Kramer
Kramer Law Group
Weather consultation
Deposition provided October 2014
March 2011
Low adv. Hulet case number is 4409.1375
Paul Belnap, Strong & Hanni
Weather consultation
Feb 2011
Javier Guzman v. Community Solutions HOA
Dale Lambert, Christensen & Jensen
Weather consultation, official letter writte100
August 2010
Multiserve adv. Munson
Sade’ A. Turner STRONG & HANNI
Weather consultation, official letter written
February 2010
Terry adv. Terry
Pete Barlow, Strong & Hanni
Weather consultation, deposition provided
January, 2010
Brett Wiersum, Attorney Park City
Weather Consultation on Frost Formation Case

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